In 1928, when Dubai was a small fishing, pearl diving and trading village, the late Sheikh Shafei Al Madani and his son, Sheikh Hanafi, started a family business of tailoring and textile trading in Deira Old Souq, the largest market in the region. Throughout the years, Sheikh Hanafi’s son, Abdul Salam, worked closely and tirelessly with him to learn the family business.

As Dubai’s business environment grew rapidly in the 70’s and 80’s, Abdul Salam Al Madani had strong determination and developed his business skills by working closely with his father. His father’s determination and business ethics had a deep impact on him. With his father’s wisdom and determination, Abdul Salam Al Madani established INDEX Trading in 1983.

Along with the wise vision of the late ruler, H.H. Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum to develop Dubai into a modern city of tourism, trade and industry, a new company, INDEX Conferences and Exhibitions Organisation Establishment emerged in the market in 1991, specialised in organising national, regional, and international medical, scientific, educational and trade conferences and exhibitions. Today, INDEX organises more than 20 events annually which has put INDEX at the forefront; leading the industry in organising events with a track record of more than 400 events in the past 20 years. With the UAE being one of the world’s top countries in healthcare spending per capita, INDEX Health Care Management was founded in 2005 with the aim of developing turnkey projects in the healthcare sector from concept design to operation and management. INDEX also contributes to the growth of the medical tourism industry which is going through an exciting phase where international and intra-regional activities are taking place within the healthcare sector.

In March 2006, INDEX Holding was officially established with a seal of commitment to be one of the leading national corporations in the country. INDEX Holding’s main objective is managing its current companies and to venture into owning, controlling, managing and acquisitioning several other companies. In line with the rapid diversification and continuous growth, INDEX Holding officially established its branch office in Seoul, South Korea in October 2006, to venture and capture the diverse business activities of Southeast Asia.

Driven by the vision of our leaders, which aims at making UAE a regional investment hub, INDEX is committed to accept the challenges of moving into new dimensions and ventures. From a belief that the private sector is a main contributor to the development of the country, INDEX is devoted to be an active partner in the economy’s growth.

In 2011, INDEX Holding went through a corporate transformation process, redefining its efforts to create synergy amongst its subsidiaries and integrate their functions to serve one vision. As a result, the overall operation of INDEX Holding has become more efficient by optimising the use of resources and collective knowledge. This unique model offers exclusive turnkey and tailor-made solutions to clients all over the world.

INDEX Holding imprints its vision in the market by maintaining solid relationships with government and private entities, which has been further manifested in its wide collaboration with international partners. With a clear and redefined vision, INDEX Holding’s new structure aims to put INDEX as a Leader in the corporate world!