Tariq Al Madani

  • Tariq was born in Dubai in 1986. He graduated with an Honor degree in Interior Architecture and Design from London, England in 2006. This gave him a valuable insight into his future career at INDEX Holding, where he joined the family business as Director of Bigdot, a company specialized in custom-made exhibition design and construction.

    Since Tariq joined the Bigdot team, he has successfully managed to triple the sales activity, while managing an in-house production facility, which today, has consequently tripled in production capacity. Today, Tariq is the CEO of Bigdot, with a team of over 40 employees. Tariq believes in a hands-on approach and holds regular meetings with the staff, in order to enable him to maintain the high standard he expects from them.

    In 2014, Tariq was assigned to Seoul, South Korea, where he served as the CEO of the Index Holding Korea Branch for three years, in addition to his original duties. During his time in Seoul, he completed his Masters in Business Administration at Yonsei University.

    He has become a vital member of the Board of Directors at INDEX Holding, giving his ideas and suggestions on the way forward for the company.