Chairman’s Message

Dr. Abdul Salam AlMadani

His Excellency Amb. Dr. Abdulsalam AlMadani
Chairman of INDEX Holding

When INDEX Holding was established in 1928, we had a clear vision: to lead the way in showcasing the vibrant business landscape of the UAE and attracting foreign investments to elevate the events industry in Dubai and worldwide. I must say that witnessing the global acclaim of INDEX Holding throughout the years has been genuinely fulfilling.

Today, INDEX stands as a pioneer Emirati national company specialised in diverse sectors such as Healthcare, Sustainable Projects, Events Management, Business Management, Investment and Trading, Textile Trading and Tailoring, Media, and Interior Design.

We now organize 35 national, regional, and international conferences and exhibitions, provide comprehensive solutions globally, and serve as a gateway for foreign investors to thrive in the dynamic UAE environment. All while upholding sustainability as a core value in a commitment that ensures a sustainable future through strategic partnerships and global initiatives. Our collaborations with prestigious organizations and initiatives, such as the Waterfalls Global Initiative of the UAE Ministry of Possibilities and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, highlight our commitment to global humanitarian efforts. Together, we lead transformative projects that drive positive change worldwide and cultivate solid international relations.

With eight subsidiaries, INDEX Holding is pivotal in driving UAE’s GDP growth and fostering economic diversification. Our fruitful collaborations with esteemed governmental, national, and international entities have further contributed to this endeavour.

We tried to focus our strategy on international expansion and establishing subsidiary companies in Singapore, South Korea, and branches in Pakistan, the Philippines, and Egypt, alongside a regional office in Saudi Arabia, which aims to strengthen our regional and global presence. Through these carefully planned initiatives, we strive to foster sustainable growth and spark innovation while driving economic advancement in different regions. Simultaneously, we remain dedicated to maintaining our leadership position within the UAE through our branch at the esteemed Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), catering to the capital city and the western region, further solidifying our commitment to excellence across all sectors.

Our passion for innovation and diversification shines through our approach to crafting and owning multiple brands in different sectors such as cosmetics, food, and beverages, and many more through our success in bringing a diverse range of international franchises to the UAE and the GCC region reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence and variety to our valued customers.
Driven by our unwavering commitment to excellence and guided by our visionary leaders, INDEX Holding and its subsidiaries are poised to enhance Dubai’s and the UAE’s global profile. Our journey is a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence.