Dubai Derma 2013

April 16, 2013 - 8 minutes read


HE Essa Al Maydoor Inaugurates the Thirteenth Edition of Dubai DERMA Conference and Exhibition

On April 14th 2013, HE Eng. Essa Al Maydoor, Director General of the Dubai Health Authority inaugurated the thirteenth edition of Dubai DERMA at Sheikh Rachid Hall – Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. Dubai DERMA which is held under the patronage of HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, Minster of Finance and President of the Dubai Health Authority and was held in cooperation with the DHA and the International Academy of Medical Specailisation, GCC League of Dermatology and the Pan Arab League of Dermatology.

More than 80 prestigious speakers and specialists came from all over the world to participate in Dubai Derma mainly from America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East whom are professors and doctors of all fields of dermatology.

As part of its commitment to deliver high-quality programs, the Dubai Derma committee intelligently planned its topics and courses meeting the standards of the accreditation policy to meet the continuing medical education requirements of the participants. The topics for the first day will include: The Historical and Medical Aspects of Tattoo, Palamoplantar Psoriasis, Psoriasis in Children, Faces of Psoriasis, Management of NeutrophilicDermatoses, Biological Therapies, Combination Techniques and Applications of Mohs Micrographic Surgery in the Surgical Management of Malignant Melanoma, HIV Skin Manifestations and CD4 Count, Update On Antiviral Therapy, Kaposi Sarcoma, Acute Disseminated HHV-8 Positive Kaposi’s Sarcoma and Active Hepatitis-B in Retuximab-Treated Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma: Coincidence or Multilink Development, Melasma: Update in Treatment, , Dysplasia in Melanocytic Lesions: Controversies, Diagnosis, and Management, A Comparison of Human Growth Factors and Stem Cell Thrapies for Hair Restoration and Skin Rejuvenation, Intralipotheraphy: The Gold Standard in the Non-Surgical Treatment of Localized Adiposity, Clinical Applications of Polycaprolactone Dermal Filler.

This year, more than 15 scientific sessions, 40 workshops and a number of intensive courses running in parallel to the conference under the supervision of the exhibiting companies, Dubai DERMA was successfully a comprehensive educational hub for dermatologists and laser specialists. Dubai DERMA has become one of the largest and most advanced conferences focusing on skin care, and attracts the most specialised dermatologists from all over the world.

All participants announced their support for Dubai DERMA to host the (WDC) in 2019. The WDC is organised every four years, and it will be held in Vancouver – Canada in 2015. Dubai would be the perfect set for the event as it is positioned in the heart of one of the world’s rapidly advancing regions and has a great selection of world class hotels, restaurants, resorts and shopping centres, it also has an excellent infrastructure and has large selections of auditoriums for conferences and exhibitions. We should also mention the fascinating heritage, culture and a civilized cosmopolitan community.

This year, Dubai DEMRA Exhibition embraced more than 250 exhibitors from 55 countries exhibiting their latest technologies, treatments and products. Attendance for the first two days had exceeded all expectations as international exhibitors display their latest machines and products used in dermatology, plastic surgeries and laser treatments. The exhibition this year had seen remarkable presence by Asian countries especially South Korea where more than 26 companies were promoting their latest equipment and products related to the field of dermatology and laser.

Non Surgical Nose Jobs and Treating Dark Circles under the Eyes were the main topics that caused controversy among participants at Dubai DERMA. The event was with no doubt a great benefit to junior doctors, undergraduates in addition to doctors seeking higher education as they managed to get credit hours and prepare for the Mock exam. Specialists and consultants also benefited from Dubai DERMA training courses and workshops

The number of business deals accomplished during the three days of Dubai DERMA reached 250 million AED. Cosmetic and medical equipment companies benefited greatly through their participation in Dubai DERMA, especially with the increasing number of participants and visitors who bought machines to equip their medical centers and spas.

At the end of the event, the scientific committee for Dubai DERMA announced the recommendations for the thirteenth edition of the Dubai DERMA Conference. Dr. Ibrahim Galadari, Chairman of the Dubai Derma Conference and Professor of Dermatology at the UAE University announced:

  • The scientific committee suggested increasing the days of the Dubai DERMA Conference so it would become five days instead of four next year. Moreover, increasing the number of halls in order to accommodate the increasing number of dermatologists attending from the Middle East Region.
  • Enhance the relationship between the Dubai DERMA scientific committee and additional universities; furthermore, an agreement was signed with the University of Rome presented by Prof. Trolly Dotty in order to support the conference academically.
  • Increase the number of hands-on workshops.
  • In order to enhance the role of medical censorship cosmetic surgeries, laser treatments and fillers must be done in clinics and not in beauty salons or cosmetic centers.
  • Raise awareness among the community around the latest beauty techniques and the importance of reporting medical problems and notify concerned authorities or doctors in case of complaints.
  • The conference also covered the biological treatments for psoriasis and vitiligo to raise awareness amongst patients about the biological treatments under medical supervision.
  • Assure that all laser treatments are done under special medical supervision and licensing, especially that these treatments are performed without these requirements.
  • The scientific committee extended their gratitude to participants for supporting this event. Dubai DERMA has become an excellent platform for exhibitors to present the latest in the world of dermatology and cosmetic surgery.
  • Expanding the size of the exhibition halls next year in order to cater to all the national and international cosmetic companies who are interested to participate this year.

Moreover, Dubai DERMA became a milestone event in the Middle East Region and competes with similar events in Europe and the US. The scientific committee supports the Arab and GCC Leagues of Dermatology in their efforts to nominate Dubai to host the Dermatology World Congress in 2019.